First Aid Refresher – Secondary Survey


We have completed the secondary survey – and also the top to top check – we also must try and get a medical history if possible.


Medical History

A detailed history of a medical complaint is beyond the scope of this session and handout. However, for most casualties it’s worth asking the following questions and certainly for anyone likely to go to A&E:

  • Allergies (especially to any medication)
  • Medication (over the counter, prescribed, ‘recreational’)
  • Past Medical History (health problems, previous surgery)
  • Last food and drink
  • Events leading up to the situation (“How have you been recently?”)

Much of this will not effect the first aid management, but can have a huge impact on later care. Remember that seriously ill and injured people can fall unconscious, and so others may not have chance to ask these questions. But if they have someone with them, you can always ask them the questions!